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Bueno is the venture studio arm of Favorite Medium, an innovation partner with extensive experience transforming global industry leaders.




In the Venture Explorer program, we work with your organization to closely look at real, human problems and from them, identify new venture opportunities. 

The goal of the 12-week Venture Explorer program is for us to gain a clear understanding of a problem space, and explore viability of venture solutions to that problem.

01 —

We start off with problems, ideating on each to generate and articulate solutions. At the end of this stage, each solution story will further develop into a Venture Blueprint, outlining the problem, how the solution’s product/service works, and how the venture will derive revenue.

02 —

In this stage, we undergo a validation of each Venture Blueprint in order to decide whether or not to fund or pursue the venture. First, we define the evaluation criteria required, followed by execution of the validation plan, and finally, make a go/no-go decision.



Bueno Venture Studio partners with investors to turn validated venture blueprints into real startups. Our studio reduces the time and capital required to launch new ventures.

01 —

We bring together founders, teams, and capital to launch new startup ventures from scratch. Bueno’s Venture Studio platform provides deep product design and engineering expertise to help de-risk product, technology, and operations so founders can focus on what matters most: growth.

02 —

As a venture gains traction, the Studio helps to scale up the team in preparation for new funding events and market launch.



The need to rapidly create innovative new ventures at scale is immense and urgent. If your fund or organisation is looking for a partner to accelerate its venture creation process, let’s talk.


If you’re an experienced entrepreneur or have deep industry knowledge that you want to leverage to start a high-growth technology venture together, please connect with us.

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